E-learning and Sustainability

Looking to enhance your sustainability agenda? 

According to several academic studies online learning is more energy-efficient than traditional classroom-based learning. Learn more below about how digital learning can help your organisation support the environment while improving your employees’ language skills.

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Sustainability: Unlock the Value of Digital Learning

For organisations it is essential to provide effective training programs for employees that enhance their skills and knowledge. However, it is equally important to consider the environmental impact of such programs. Classroom-based sessions and printed paper inherently generate significant waste and carbon emissions. 

Recent studies have shown that online learning can be more energy-efficient than traditional classroom-based learning. Digital learning can reduce carbon emissions, save energy, and preserve our natural resources. LinguaTracks offers digital learning solutions that can support your green initiatives. 

Journey-free: Digital learning allows participants to attend virtual classes from anywhere, reducing carbon emissions from transportation. Eliminating the need for travel to a physical location for training reduces carbon emissions from daily commutes by car, which can reach approximately 7 kilograms of CO2 emissions annually Paper to Powerpoint: Digital solutions are leading the way in reducing paper usage and preserving natural resources. By ditching printed materials such as textbooks, handouts, and training manuals, digital learning is reducing paper usage, and certifications such as LEED, and Eco Vadis consider paper usage as part of their criteria.

Eco-friendly: Traditional classrooms require energy for heating, air-conditioning, and lighting, which can lead to increased carbon emissions. Virtual classrooms rely on energy-efficient computers, tablets, or smartphones in contrast. 

Sustainability as a Core Value: By implementing a digital solution, your company sends a message to employees that sustainability is a priority. By promoting digital learning, companies can encourage a culture of sustainability among their employees, which can translate into more environmentally friendly behaviours both at work and at home, leading to a more sustainable future. Digital learning is paving the way toward a more sustainable future by reducing carbon emissions, saving energy, and preserving natural resources. Learning and Development Programs can be leveraged to entrench sustainability as innate, leading employees to pioneer sustainability initiatives at work and home too. LinguaTracks not only gives you access to the best remote talent, but we can support your sustainability agenda too. 

*A study conducted by Western Sydney University shows that digital learning can reduce carbon emissions by up to 85% and save 87% of energy when compared to traditional methods of training.