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Our Beyond English courses are aimed at professionals who have clearly set goals and precisely know what skills they want to master. The trainings provide all the language needed and enhance soft skills and interpersonal skills to handle the typical scenarios encountered in different professions and industries.

10 sessions, 1.5h each

Live, virtual sessions

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Development of soft skills

Development of intercultural skills

Development of effective strategies and techniques

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Legal English

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Our Beyond English courses


Discover how to excel at negotiations in English. The course consists of 10 sessions and covers all the essential expressions and conversation techniques that will enable you to master the art of negotiation. It addresses all key principles and methods of effective negotiations, from preparation to closing a deal.


The course is aimed at people who regularly have to give presentations and pitch ideas in English at work. It consists of all the essential presenting techniques and the composition structure that will enable you to deliver a presentation effortlessly. It also covers topics like interaction with audience, visuals, body language and stage fright.


The course is specifically developed for people who want to brush up on their insights into the strategic elements of the sales process in English. It provides all the language needed to approach new clients, deal with customer needs and demands and handle complaints and enquiries. It also addresses issues like negotiations and branding.


The course is aimed at professionals with a background in finance. The primary objective of the course is to master accounting terminology in English and make you a competent and reliable speaker. The sessions address numerous topics such as auditing, describing trends, recession, payroll, tax heavens and overdrafts, just to name a few.

Legal English

Discover the step-by-step process Spanish lawyers use to understand Legal English, explain differences between legal systems, have conversations with foreign clients that require legal assistance and draft legal documentation in English.

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