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LinguaTracks has prepared and designed a series of original English specific courses for companies

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LinguaTracks have prepared a series of innovative specific English courses for companies interested in dealing with international markets. The courses provide workers with the necessary linguistic tools to be able to face any challenges such relations require.

The courses are designed so that employees can delve into different topics of interest in English. The content of the course and its schedule can be adapted according to the needs of the Client. To ensure the process of learning runs smoothly and effectively, our teachersare not only qualified in English language teaching, but they are also experts in the fields the courses cover.

Each of the courses has a duration of 30 hours divided into a total of 20 sessions.

These courses can be subsidized by Fundae, just like the rest of the services we offer.

Before the end of the course, the participants will be assessed. They will also receive a certificate of completion of the course.

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Courses that we offer

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Subsidised courses for your company

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