English specific courses

LinguaTracks has prepared and designed a series of original English specific courses for companies

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These new courses have been devised so that companies can go deeper into different subjects of interest in English. As such, they present their own specific vocabulary, a programme adapted time and format-wise to the content, and a especialised teacher prepared to teach the subject effectively.

LinguaTracks presents these courses in high hopes of offering companies a kind of training that is focused on the specific interests of the international market. We intend to provide workers with the necessary tools to be able to confidently face their upcoming professional challenges. This way, the language is no longer be a barrier.

Each of the courses has a duration of 30 hours, distributed in a total of 20 sessions.

These courses can be subsidised by Fundae, just like the rest of the services we offer.

Before the end of the course, learners will be assessed on all contents and awarded a certificate for tangibly proving successful in same.

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Courses that we offer

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Subsidised courses for your company

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