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Our app for language learners 

LinguaTracks Go makes access to language learning and practice easier and more convenient for both companies and individual learners.

Practice your communication abilities in a foreign language through telephone conversations with our professional teachers, maintaining the level of language teaching as if they were given in a classroom.

The duration of each session depends on your availability, we charge per minute not per hour!

Every session finishes with an assessment of the teacher, feedback of the class with the vocabulary and grammar introduced during the class and an active follow-up.

The first session on LinguaTracks GO is a level test that is completely free! The app allows you to discuss a variety of topics that are updated weekly.

The biggest advantage of LinguaTracks GO is the continuous availability of teachers which allows you to have your class at any time of the day!

LinguaTracks GO was created with the idea of making language learning easier for you and us doing our job so you can do yours!

They have already trusted us

We have worked with both multinational and local companies, adapting our courses to their linguistic needs.

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