Language courses for players, coaching staff and administration

LinguaTracks Sports offers specialised language training for sport professionals in football, rugby and basketball.

Our team of experts have compiled the essential sport terms into digestible exercises to aid your integration into the English game.

¨When you look back on all the British football players, who have been successful going abroad, it is the ones who have got  themselves into the culture, learnt the language, and made part of life [in the foreign country] enjoyable. […] Throw your heart and soul into it and, more than anything, learn the language, because, I think, if you can be happy and communicate off the pitch, that will reflect in your football and how things go on the pitch¨ Gary Lineker, former England international football player; September 1st, 2013; interview for BBC

In the professional sport environment, communication is a crucial part of teamwork and is key to achieve objectives together.

Our courses are adapted to the needs of football clubs. We focus on language teaching specialised in vocabulary and language skills for players, on and off the pitch. We also provide training in interview techniques. For the board and the staff of the club we provide meticulously crafted business and management language courses, as well as cultural immersion courses for the families of the players.

We have divided our courses into the following:

  1. Courses crafted and specialised to the needs of sport players:
  • on-pitch communication with team members;
  • off-pitch communication development – interview techniques, commenting on sport events and game styles;
  • everyday cultural familiarisation – interacting with fans, and living in a new country.
  1. Cultural familiarisation of sport players and their families:
  • cultural familiarisation and communication development in everyday situations in a new country of residence;
  • facilitating communication and immersion in a new cultural situation aiming to make the players and their families feel comfortable and at home.
  1. Specialised linguistic aid for medical staff of the sports club:
  • assistance in explaining medical terms and their function in different situations, such as on pitch emergencies and conferences;
  • assistance in translating medical documents;
  • linguistic training to improve fluency and communication between doctor and patient.

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