Subsidised courses for your company

At LinguaTracks, we take care of the correct management of each of the steps to obtain the calculated amount / allowance for sponsorship / to be subsidised. Your company does not have to worry about anything, we do everything for you.



Each company has an annual allowance available which varies according to the number of courses / professional training and the average number of employees in the previous year.

On the basic level course, each student receives a €9/h allowance provided that they meet the minimum 75% attendance requirement for each course.

Private co-financing: if your company has more than 5 employees, it is obliged to assume a percentage of the total costs reported in the platform throughout the year. The platform will calculate the co-financing as follows:

(training costs + salary costs) - allowance applied.

LinguaTracks charges 10% of the total amount of the allowance as an administration fee. This amount is included in the allowance as indirect costs and is returned to the company. As a result, the real cost for the company is 0%.

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