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Since 2008 LinguaTracks™  have been offering:

  • high quality, in-company language courses,
  • online courses for busy enterpreneurs,
  • translation and interpretation services.

We improve business communication skills in English, French, Turkish, German and Chinese. Our students learn:

  1. according to a flexible, personalised schedule,
  2. using a modern and dynamic method,
  3. with real life simulations.

What language services do you seek?

In-company courses

Professional in-company courses will provide you and your team with the language skills you need to communicate confidently and accurately in the business environment.

Online courses

Using the same dynamic techniques for efficient learning as in a regular courses, you can enjoy your face-to-face online class from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Specific courses

LinguaTracks has prepared and designed a series of original English specific courses for companies

They have already trusted us

We have worked with both multinational and local companies, adapting our courses to their linguistic needs.

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