English is the language of academia

Academic language courses and proofreading


LinguaTracks Academics has been created to realistically improve your language abilities in the academic world with tailor-made, flexible language courses, translations, interpretations and proofreading.

You will experience a thoroughly prepared language course devised by our team of experts that will ensure the efficient acquisition of both academic writing and speaking skills.

We focus primarily on the most important vocabulary and grammar elements that will be useful in your academic communication and writing.

What language services do you seek?

Academic English language courses

We will help you develop your English throughout your PhD studies to make sure you have the language skills you need, when you need them.

English has become the official language of academia and the vast majority of academic conferences are held in English. Do not let your academic excellence be overshadowed by your lack of language skill.

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Our proofreading services ensure that your work is correct and free of errors. Our proofreaders are consistently accurate, allowing you to feel confident that the final draft of your work is of a standard that you deserve.

We will provide you with a range of corrections that will allow you to excel in your academic research and writing.

Translations & interpretations

We translate, correct and edit official documents, presentations, essays and more, in a quick and professional manner.

We have had a lot of experience translating Working instructions, SOPs, reports and other official documents for our existing clients.

They have already trusted us

We have worked with both multinational and local companies, adapting our courses to their linguistic needs.

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